kotiCOUTURE: Jessica Stroup

Jessica Stroup

Jessica Stroup  is one of my favourite actress. I think she have an amazing style, and I adore her wardrobe. You can know her from the serie 90210. But she was amazing in these movies too: The Hills Have Eyes II, Homecoming or Prom Night.

Dresses, hair color, lipstick, skintone, eyes, sim are mine and they are included.
You can download her with or without costum contents. (Without cc means for me: Maxis hair and dress, but it includes skintone, eyes and makeup)


  1. Oh I remember falling in-love with her while watching 90210! I LOVE~ her style and she is beautiful too. Thanks for sharing her. :)

    I love the way you make designer clothes for the sims. You inspire me, I wish I can create like you too. I'm just clueless with all these. I've always admired the efforts and generosity of creator's like you. Makes me hope I can give back to the community too. Keep rocking!

  2. finally found these and vamp diaries and pll ..


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