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Advent Calendar

As I promised, this is my Advent Calendar. If you click on the giftboxes you can see what it contains and you can download the gift by clicking the DOWNLOAD button under the giftboxes. Swatches and meshes are always included! Have fun hunting the gifts!

Credits (so far):
Thanks to solfal for the Christmas Tree and decorations.
Maxis, Trapping, Sentate, Simal, Rose, Liana, lavanilla, Marko (TSR), Marko (Flotteur)
telefen, JaRo, Liana, krolowa-francji, Xmsims, NataliS, kalynn

                        DOWNLOAD                                                        DOWNLOAD                                                 DOWNLOAD

                   DOWNLOAD                                                DOWNLOAD                                               DOWNLOAD

                     DOWNLOAD                                             DOWNLOAD                                                DOWNLOAD

                    DOWNLOAD                                            DOWNLOAD                                                 DOWNLOAD

                    DOWNLOAD                                                DOWNLOAD                                                    DOWNLOAD                         

                     DOWNLOAD                                               DOWNLOAD                                                DOWNLOAD

                    DOWNLOAD                                               DOWNLOAD                                               DOWNLOAD

                                                          DOWNLOAD                                                 DOWNLOAD

                           DL                            DL                       DL                           DL                           DL                    DL


  1. This is so insanely awesome!!! Gonna download absolutely everything and I love the first gift! :)

  2. A reference to the Christmas tree, please :)

  3. The second gift is blocked for Violation.

    1. I just checked, but it's worked fine for me, I downloaded it, and it didnt say that it's blocked...Maybe try it later. Is there anyone else with the same problem?

    2. Nope, works for me :) Thank you for your gifts :)

  4. These earrings are so amazing, I love how colorful your blog is, it has all kinds of style, I am glad -I found your blog <3

  5. I love your creations! And I'm so excited about this advent calender...I've loved everything so far. A big thank you for all your work!

  6. Thank you! I don't have The Sims 2 anymore, but I still downloading contents. And you are my first choice!

  7. Thank you guyz! Your comments mean a lot to me! And I'm really happy you like my stuff! :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. your advent calendar has been simply amazing thanks koti!!

  10. I loved the final day, thank you so much! And not just for the grand finale, but the whole month. It's been amazing, and I thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas Eve, I hope you have a great day tomorrow and a Happy New Year!!


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