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Good News / Bad News

Hi guyz! I dont know wich news sould I start with, I guess lets get over with the bad one first...
So, I promissed some requests lately, mostly sims requests, but sadly I cant make them. So, I have to say, that request are closed. For good. Here are the reasons:
- I lost interest making celebrity sims, belive me I tried, but without passion they didnt turned out well. And the other thing that I cant find proper hq pictures with right angle, this concern the male celebrities like 90210 boys.
- I thought that I will have time after oktober, but it seems, I was wrong about that. This is my last year at university, diploma and stuff, so this is a pretty nervous and busy time of my life.

I hope you guys understand this. I want to say sorry for all of you, especially for you Ginelli, I know how much this meant for you. I promisse I will update the blog and I'm already started to make some pretty awesome stuff for my advent calendar, so next month will be a content-flood.


Some good news:
One of my simmie is a judge in oneHaute's show: Sims Next Top Model. Theres more: the winner will be modelling for the blog! The first episode is up on Youtube, so go and check it out!


Aaaaand some necklaces for download:

Meshes from Lidiqnata are included.


  1. Lovely necklaces! I for one thought your Simmies were great! Loved the PLL and want to thank you again for those.

  2. THANK YOU! but where did you get the hair of the girl in this photo? http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-XL6Qd4Ii3yI/UJ2MKxKdIfI/AAAAAAAABsc/OohgPhnFJ3M/s1600/12.bmp

  3. I love your creations! They're so individual:)

  4. Hello,I have long wanted to write to you but could not find the time. crazy from your robot,I really like your ideas you to your girl)I really want to talk to you can напишеш how you can communicate with you)I with impatience will wait for new робот.И And you're done! of course your answer...

    1. Hi! You can send me email (koticouture@gmail.com) :)

  5. The curly ponytail is from here: http://esotheria-sims.tumblr.com/post/30529157554/i-just-got-78-followers-wee-d-and-since-thats

  6. Hey! I love your website and specially your posts :) Thanks for posting them and eltting us download them. I jsut wanted to ask you if its possible if you cold post some black-purple dip dye hair or like brown to blonde? I really love the hair in the header and on the right site of the page. Can you upload them? or make some? or tell me where I could get some dip dye hair? that would be so nice! THanks for taking the time, reading this xx

  7. Replies
    1. all her stuff is for sims 2.

    2. Thanks for the answer :) And yes, Anonymous said right, all my stuff here is for Sims 2 only. You can find some Sims3 creations at my tumblr. By the way I cant understand how cant you(you're not the only one) see if it's for Sims2 or not. It's obvious, the colors, the angles, the detailes...I always can see that something is for Sims2 or for Sims3. Anyways, I will make a FAQ somethimes soon.


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