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AnnaLynne McCord

A couple of days I finally checked my mails, and I found a request: AnnaLynne McCord. The funny thing is, that I started to make her before I read the mail :) Anyways, here is the one and only miss McCord.

Dress, hair color, edited skin, eyes are mine. Hair mesh from Peggy, dress mesh from qouture, used CCs: Tifa, E-Studio, SimpleLife, navetsea, thesimssi2, stefan.
You can download her with or without costum contents. (Without cc means for me: Maxis hair and dress, but it includes skintone, eyes and makeup)


  1. She looks like a real one! Haha you could make Liam too :D

  2. Yeah, I can try Liam too, but I'm taking a break in sim making, because it was a little bit too much :D


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