kotiCOUTURE: Necklace Set [Request]

Necklace Set [Request]

These necklaces were a request also from bunny. Other 5 will coming soon!
Mesh from Lidiqnata included.
The files are named so you can coose which one you prefer in your game.
The sweathers in the pictures are coming soon too! ;)



  1. Love ya! Don't know what else I could say what you haven't heard yet :) lol

  2. wow! Beautiful necklace! And I really like your sims models!

  3. It's nice ! I have this one with the bird in the cage on my neck now :D and having this in my game is more awesome yaaay!

  4. Amazing set :) like always !! And from where is the hair in the 4th picture ??

  5. Thank you for the nice words! :)
    The hair in the 4th picture is a TS3 hair converted by the amazing Trapping. You can grab it here: http://thebigtradeoff.livejournal.com/1917.html?thread=73597#t73597

  6. OOops !! I want to say the 3rd picture :s (blond hair) sorry ... So what??

  7. Sorry for the late answer...:) So, the third picture's hair mesh is from peggyzone, but I dont know who did the recolor. Definitely not Peggy...maybe it's from GOS?...I can check it at the weekend, I'm not home currently.

  8. I love all of your works!
    keep doing this. I will be your huge fan


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