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Sorry for the lack of posts, and the quick and short answers, but I'm really busy at the time, collage stuff, I'm writing my dissertation, so pretty much I dont have life right now. I made these outfits a while ago, and it's a blessing, cuz I dont load my BS like weeks ago, but I have a couple clothes and necklaces I didnt shared yet, so I'm going to upload them in the next weeks.
I saw you guyz have requests, but I cant take them right now, even if I want them, cuz I really have to concentrate my real life right now.
Anyway, I try to keep my blog posted and I even try to take your requests, but I dont promise anything.
I love you guyz!


About the clothes.
The title is not related with the brand! Althoug the have some pretty bad-ass stuff and I may have used them for my creations. This title is just popped out of my head when I looked at the pictures: its casual, something you can wear at the streets.
The little cross necklaces are included in the clothes.
And the AMASING mesh (I mean look at those shoes!!!) is belongs to Martini. She converted those S3 shoes to S2 and added to this mesh. So thanks a lot!
Mesh is included.

All in 1 package:


  1. i love your work can you do your creations for teens?

  2. Wish I could afford Urban Outfitters, but now my SIMS can! Thank you:)

  3. Pleaaaase, male clothes D:

  4. Agree. (: also from Toddler-Kids... <3


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