kotiCOUTURE: Let's be Dangerous

Let's be Dangerous

Long time mo see...again. :( Sorry, guyz. I try to keep uploading, but I dont have much time. This dosnt mean that I'm going to leave the sims2 community, I just cant upload every week. I hope you can understand.
I'm going to upload the purple/brown hairs later tonight, but without meshes. I certainly dont have time to search for meshes, and I'm sure you have already most of the meshes in your downloads folders. If you dont know a hair mesh you can ask me in comment or chatbox, and I'm also counting on your support and that you will help each-other find the missing meshes.

Mesh from Martini is included.
It's a full outfit with gun-printed tights. Arm tattoos are not included.

Meshes from Simal and BlooM are included.

BOX link 
(all of them packed in 1 package. Numbers like pictures in row)


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