kotiCOUTURE: T. Mills

T. Mills

:S Well, I have to say, this is not my best work, but thats the best what I can came up with...I couldnt find hq pictures, at least not where T. Mills have a "normal" face :D 
So, this was a request from simp2jo.

Edited skintone, sim are mine. Meshes are included.
Used CC's: AlfredAskew, Pooklet, Lilith, E-Studio, SimpleLife, navetsea, thesimssi2, sTF, simguys.net, Maron, Aikea Guinea


  1. I like this boy. His expressive eyes!

  2. What Expansion packs do i need to download him ;( it says i dont have the right onee

  3. I have Seasons and Apartment Life EP. Sorry if it's not working :( I try not use EP required stuffs, but I think this time I had...


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