kotiCOUTURE: Hang Out With Me -hair-

Hang Out With Me -hair-

First hair set what I'm going to share. It's not perfect, I know, but maybe someone can use them. It comes in 7 natural colors and 3 dip dyed colors. I really like the dip dyed ones. 
I'm going to share my other unnatural hair recolors as a request, this will be my next upload, nothing fancy, just simple bs pictures, becouse it will be a lot of work to do otherwise and the meshes wont be included, but I will give the links where you can download the meshes free (in case you dont have them already). And I havent forget Lana Del Rey and Pixie Lott sim, the are coming too, Pixie is completely ready for sharing but theres a little problem with Lana, becouse she dont seems right in game, so I have to redo her. Well...enough for talk, and lets see the dowload link after some preview pictures. :)

Mesh from Marko is included.
The hair is working from child to elders (elders have grey color).



  1. I'm in love with them, you did a great job! and I have to thank you for the dip dye recolors because I needed some! thant youu!<3

  2. Sorry, but the link doesn't work, I don't know why DD: *end of the world* *panic*


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