kotiCOUTURE: Cracked Enough -lipstick-

Cracked Enough -lipstick-

An other lipstick set. You can coose lighter and darker colors, the files are named in the zip.
My next upload will be a spacial one. A hair set. Well, I wont say it's perfect (especially the back area), and it's not a new mesh, just a simple recolor and alpha edit, but I like it. Sooo, stay tuned!

Oh, I almost forgot! I repacked some sims (Taylor Momsen, Luisa Islamgulova, 90210 cast, I will do the rest later) without costum content, so if you dont have so much EP you can probably use them now in your game. Well, I dont deleted everything, becouse without the makeup and skintone they dont look like they should be, so I only replaced the hair and dress to Maxis ones. I hope it will work now, if not, then let me know and I will try to figure out something! ;)

And now, the lipstick set:


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