kotiCOUTURE: Shaved Waves Hairstyle

Shaved Waves Hairstyle

An other crazy idea of mine. Shaved hair with pretty waves to soften up a bit the hairstyle. As you can see I'm in edgy mood lately, and I'm going to stay in that for a while, so be prapared for non-cuteness!
I made some necklaces, earrings, fulloutfits and fun lingeries, so there will be a content dumping!
The hairstyle comes in 7 natural and 3 dip dyed colors.
Works from child to elder.
Mesh from Marko is included.


  1. Omg you!!! Just found your site and downloaded basically everything. I love them all sooo much, I just wanted to thank you and send you loads of virtual hugs♥♥ Thanks!!

    1. Awww, thanks! I'm happy you like my things. And hugs are accepted :D


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