kotiCOUTURE: Long Time No See

Long Time No See

It was really a long time ago, but real life striked again, so I had to put away my simmies, but today finally could make some things, I hope you like them! 
I will upload the shaved hair which Jamila wears soon! :)

Meshes from Simal, aikea guinea, Needlecream and Bloom are included.

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Meshes from Lidiqnata and Liana are included.
You can download the necklaces in 1 file, but they are named, so you can pick which you like.

Mesh from aikea-guines is included.
Swatch is included.



  1. Wow, that's totally amazing, Koti! :) Love it!♥

  2. Wow, amazing stuff :o Downloaded everything! :)

  3. Found your site today and I absolutely LOVE it. Feels like I've downloaded the entire archive now, thank you!!!

  4. can you please do some clothes like in the video "ready or not" from bridget mendler?

    podrias hacer una vestimenta como la del video "ready or not" de bridget mendel?

  5. Your dolls are LOVELY. Wow.
    Your creations are truly wonderful, I am so happy having them in my game!


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