kotiCOUTURE: Huge gift coming up!

Huge gift coming up!

My blog will reach 300.000 page views real soon. Well, not that soon, but I made a gift with gorgeous clothes and accessories.
When my blog will reach 300.000, I will honor your support with 30!!! new pieces.
I made some killer shoes for separate bottoms, there will be fulloutfits, nails, and head-accessories.
So if you want them, check my blog often, so we can reach 300.000 page views!


  1. I'll be checking a lot then :) have really loved all the latest content. Deleted my downloads folder and started from nothing...this is the first site I had to visit and re-download everything. I love your creations, and I really appreciate what you do :) excited for the new gifts!

  2. P e r f e c t ! And congrats you deserve it <3


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