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I brought you a dressy rompers today, so your sim can be extra shiny.
Mesh by Modoimoda.

Aaaand...the dress from my header picture.
Mesh by Modoimoda.

I'm working on a different projects. Next you can see an other vintage set and then I will share with you my Jenny Packham collection.


  1. Hey i'd love that you create a taylor momsen sim
    or ashkey tisdale or marina and the diamonds or lana del rey
    anyone thanks :D
    greetings from colombia
    i love your blog

  2. wow so beautiful thanks
    hey koti please do a sim of taylor momsen
    or lana del rey or ashley tisdale or pixie lott
    or marina and the diamonds or natalie imbruglia
    thanks i love your blog
    greetings from colombia


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