kotiCOUTURE: Wildfox Separates Part 4.

Wildfox Separates Part 4.

This is the last Wildfox set. It includes 7 top and 7 bottom, so I think this is the largest Wildfox collection that I made. My next set will be not so casual like these, it will be a bit dark but fashionable. I don’t say it will be high fashion, but defenetly higher than my latest collections. I’m thinking of making a makeup set too and an other necklace set. Until that, enjoy this.

Meshes are included (Catherine, Sims2Sisters, Grizzelda05, BlooM).


Meshes are included (Bobby T.H., BlooM, aikea guinea).


Meshes are included (aikea guinea, BlooM, Stella from starsims.net).


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