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Pretty Little Liars

I've been struggled with these for a long time, but I can't made them better, so here are the Pretty Little Liars: Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer. Eyes, edited skin, dresses, sims are mine, included as always. Dress meshes from b-bettina, Drew and qouture.

P.S.: I made a chatbox, so you can comment there or whatever, and I also made Thank You, Like and Dislike buttons, if you want, use them.

Lucy Hale as Aria

Ashley Benson as Hanna

Shay Mitchell as Emily

Troian Bellisario as Spencer


  1. Is the hair included?

    1. I belive yes. The recolor is definitely, and I think the mesh too.

  2. Which expansionpack do u need for these? Because it wont accept me to instal them in my game, could you maybe just upload their custom faces/skins and then I can download it? I'd really want these i nmy game, since ive created a rosewood neighborhood. And if I can request, I'd LOVE for you to do their mums! like pam, ashley and Ella?:D

  3. Could you try to make their houses?

  4. are they adult or teenagers?

  5. Create Alison DiLaurentis, please!


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