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Messy Bob

Sorry for the big delay, but I had family things to do. But I'm here with a new upload: a hairstyle.
And I upload some sims without cc, so I hope everyone can install them now. Btw I have Apartment Life and Seasons. If still dont work, than I'm affraid I cant do anything about it...
Sims I uploaded without cc:
PLL girls
Pixie Lott
Taylor Swift
TVD cast

I also reuploaded a vintage dress, wich got deleted here.
And I added a correct mesh for my bottoms in my last upload here.

Mesh from Marko (TSR) included.



  1. excellent,I love you,thank you=)You don't answer me on messages=(what do you make of the city?m?

  2. I love this hair, but I noticed it reminded me of Cadie Campbell's hair from US Skins. Anyway, lovin' the hair! :)

  3. Thank you, this hair is something I've been looking for: nice textures for low-poly mesh :)


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