kotiCOUTURE: Yay I've got a TUMBLR!

Yay I've got a TUMBLR!

So, yes. I made a tumblr. My name is GlitterToe there. I wanted to separate a little bit from this blog, so thats why I dont use koticouture or Koti. I tried sims3 before, but I never liked it, because I could never make unique, non pudding faced sims, but there is tons of facial sliders now, wich makes creating simmies much more satisfier.I already made 3 girls and a boy, but I only shared Nora yet. And in my avatar pic you can see Liv. This tumblr will be mostly for sims3, but I think I will post some sims2 pictures too. I will also try to make cc for sims3. This dosn't mean that I wont making sims2 clothing anymore, I will just work on two sides. 

So dont hesitate to follow me!!! :D


  1. Sims 3 blog of yours ?=( you got me ростроила,now thrown Sims 2=((and I've been your fan(

    1. As I wrote earlyer, I wont "trow Sims2"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I just try myself out in sim3 too.

    2. Well good luck then,I'm trusting you not забудишь about me,and about the other fans your art=)))))


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